Satlook digital nit manual

SATLOOK Micro Bruksanvisning Emitor AB Key features Get alned quickly and easily with the SATLOOK-LITE meter from Solid Snal. • Accessories: Power-supply of 230V12V,1.2A • Includes car-charger. SATLOOK Micro visar även Dital information som BER bit error rate. NIT funktionen identifierar de olika satelliterna genom att läsa ut NIT informationen.

MANUAL. - Google s Professionals and hobbyists will appreciate the EASYFIND function that allows you to select a satellite from a pre-loaded list. • 1 Year Warranty on Meter• 6 Month Warranty on Batteries• RF input range: 920 ~2150 MHz• Input Level: 35~100d Bu V• Presentation: LCD 128X64 pixels Backlit screen.• RF snal in thermometer scale• LNB Voltage & Type, Carrier frequency• Measuring Methods: SNR (Snal/noise ratio)• Quality derived from BER (Bit Error Rate)• Audible pitch-tone with internal speaker• Power Supply: Internal Ni MH rechargeable battery, 9.6V, 2500m Ah• Overload Protection: Automatic electronic fuse reset when a button is pressed• LNB Power: 13V, 18V or 21V selectable• AC Charger Included, 100-240 VAC, 12V, 1.25A• Car Charger Included, 2.1mm jack, Positive center, Negative outside• Firmware Updates RS232 with DB9 connector• Warranty period is one year with limitations outlined in the owners manual. Google s allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based s with a rich experience for community.

EMITOR SATLOOK MICRO HD G2 SATELLITE. This DIRECTV and DISH Network satellite tracking meter from Solid Snal has everything for the professional and hobbyist. SATLOOK MICRO HD G2 NIT SPECTRUM ANALYSER / SATELLITE METER BY. with a 3” LCD which either shows Sat-snal strength or Dital information.

<i>SATLOOK</i> Micro Bruksanvisning Emitor AB
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Satlook digital nit manual:

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